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Frequently Asked Questions About Styling Transitioning or Natural Hair – Styling Basics

If you’re new to having natural hair you would possibly find which you have some basic questions on styling, the use of heat, and widespread care. Here we’ve got compiled a number of the most often asked questions regarding worrying for herbal Mega Hair.

How do I do a a success braid/twist out? There are 3 elements to a a hit twist or braid out fashion:

The length of the twists or braids. If your twists or braids are too large or too small, the style might not look proper. You want to experiment with the scale of the sections you operate to create the wave or curl pattern which you like great. In wellknown, if the braids or twists are too small you will get a crimpy looking fashion, if they are too big, you won’t get the amount of waves or curls which you had been hoping for. A preferred proper size for longer hair is to have a twist or braid that is approximately 3/4 inch thick.
The merchandise used. You want to apply the right moisturizing and shine products so that the ensuing texture inside the curls or waves is shiny and it holds. You will need to test with the quantity of hair gel or shine serum to apply on every braid or twist to acquire the desired end result. Straightening serums for flat ironing or blow drying often work very well for these patterns despite the fact that you aren’t applying warmness.
The dryness of the hair whilst the braids or twists are eliminated. Make sure that your hair is absolutely dry before putting off the braids or twists. Its high-quality to set underneath a bonnet hair dryer to get the hair well dry. Otherwise you need to allow it to air dry for a significant quantity of time.
It’s a great concept to take images and observe the products and approach that you use on every occasion you strive a brand new fashion so that you can take into account what worked or did not paintings and replica or make modifications the following time.

How can I finish the ends on my braid/twist out styles? Use a perm rod, pipe purifier or curler at the ends to present the very last look an amazing polish.

Do I need to curve transitioning or natural hair every day? No. You handiest want to twist your hair as regularly as you want to preserve it searching as neat as you want it to appearance. If you put on a curly fashion wherein your hair is “out” it is a great concept to re-twist it with a few moisturizer to infuse it and maintain it moist. You can select to retwist it every night before you sleep on it to maintain the fashion looking extra tidy.

How do I save you knots in kinky hair? You can save you knots by means of averting quite a few manipulation of the hair, preserving your hair in protecting patterns, and keeping your hair moisturized. It additionally allows to sleep with your hair blanketed with a satin headband and sleep on a satin pillowcase. Also, whenever you comb out your hair, ensure to do so whilst it is moist with conditioner in it. Don’t attempt to comb via dry hair. This reasons breakage which could ends in knots inside the frayed ends.

How do I prevent or remedy frizzy ends? The exceptional prevention for frizzy ends is right moisturizing and proper care. Never comb or brush your hair when it is dry. Twisting your hair and then sealing the ends with an oil and moisturizer blend is a exceptional way to tame frizzy ends. Other matters to make certain of include to:

trim or get your hair trimmed on a ordinary foundation (each 6 – eight weeks)
keep away from an excessive amount of combing, brushing, and manipulation
wear protective styles frequently and make sure to moisturize at the same time as your hair is in the style
How do I roll or set my hair with out getting frizzy ends? Use quit papers to cowl the quit of the hair earlier than you placed it at the roller. Also upload a bit extra of product to the end of your hair and clean it out over the roller earlier than you roll it up. This is likewise a remarkable way of moisturizing and sealing your ends to defend them.

What is the nice way to curve kinky hair? The absolute fine manner to curl kinky hair is doing a twist out style using pipe cleaners to curve the ends. If you need a extra straightened appearance, blow dry the hair then twist and use pipe cleaners.

Are wraps correct for transitioning and herbal hair? A wrap is when you sweep the hair tightly round the pinnacle in order that it clearly straightens or flattens out to acquire a straightened style. This may be bad for the hair because the procedure of combing or brushing via your hair in that way will be unfavourable specially to the sensitive line of demarcation where herbal hair meets at ease hair. Also, your kinky/curly hair will likely not put up to the wrapping process in addition to you might like. It is better to begin being used for your herbal texture and try more textured patterns including braid-out or twist-out patterns.

Should I roll or set my hair while it is moist or while it is dry? You can roll your hair wet or dry, but it’s miles always better on your hair to do a curler set on moist hair after it has been washed. This is because your hair does no longer ought to endure the strain of drying, irrespective of how you dry it. One of my favourite styles, even though, is to blow dry my hair after which do a curler set or twist out. Especially if hair is shorter, this offers a bit extra period and shine. When you roll hair moist it comes out greater tight to the pinnacle, but it commonly also comes out shinier and with extra frame. Try exclusive methods to discover what works quality for you.

How can I get my twist extensions to live twisted? If you’re using synthetic hair you could dip the give up of the twist extension into boiling warm water to “set” the hair and make it stay twisted. This is likewise a superb technique to apply if you want to curve the synthetic hair.

Wrap the hair round a perm rod, roller (the smaller the higher), or a pipe cleanser (I just located this one) making sure to cozy the ends. You can do up to two or three extensions on one roller depending at the thickness. Doing 1 in keeping with roller gives the exceptional end result.
Dip the curler into very hot water after you’ve got the hair securely wrapped. Generally you’ll boil the water then pour it into any other field in which you could dip the extensions in. Don’t try and dip your hair over the range!!!
Dip the roller into bloodless water. Following the hot dip with a fab dip secures the curl.
Remove the rollers. You need to have a head of lovable curls. Experiment with how some distance up the shaft of the extension you roll the curl. You may also need to only do the ends, or you may need to try to curl the entire extension.
Maintenance:If you don’t like the result or get bored with the curls, you may re-straighten the hair by using dipping it into hot water without rollers. You is probably capable of curl the hair one extra time once you re-straighten it, however this is about as tons as the artificial hair can take. Because of the effect that warmth has on artificial hair you would possibly word that the curls loosen or fall out in case you wash your hair in warm water. Just keep the temperature cooler when you wash to hold the curls. This is likewise a traditional way to maintain braided extensions from unraveling or for curling the ends. Another technique is to tie a knot at the stop of the extension, or braid it on the give up. But the recent water approach is the first-class.

What is the nice manner to blow dry natural or transitioning hair? You need to have a first-rate hair dryer, ideally with adjustable warmth settings and with a comb attachment. After that, your principal purpose is to dry your hair quick and with minimum breakage. Section your hair then paintings from tip to root combing/blowing via each section till it is dry. Don’t put on any product except warmness protectant until after the hair is dry. Having product on the hair reasons it to take longer to dry.

How to I flat iron my transitioning or herbal hair? To flat iron or straighten your hair you want to make sure that you have a blow dryer with a comb attachment, a very good flat iron, and the subsequent merchandise:

straightening serum
anti-frizz product
warmth protectant
moisture block
herbal oil
Beyond the use of the right products, you will additionally ought to use the proper technique in particular to make sure that you do not cause damage for your hair. Use the bottom warmth placing with a purpose to still straighten your hair. Do small sections and run the flat iron over your hair from root to tip. Only bypass the flat iron over your hair 2 or three instances.

Which is higher urgent or flat ironing after I want to straighten my natural or transitioning hair? Using a flat iron is extra “managed”… Especially in case you use a heater with your urgent comb. With urgent combs, you normally use the range to warmness it up, or you operate a pressing comb heater. Both get actually hot and the warmth could be very unpredictable. Electric urgent combs also are bought, but those are extremely unpredictable of their heat settings. The warmth distribution on a flat iron is more strong, and you could commonly control it to make it cooler or hotter. Also with a pressing comb you have to physically comb thru your hair… You’ll unavoidably turn out to be pulling out more strands than you’ll with the flat iron.

What are the excellent coloring products for herbal or transitioning hair? When coloring herbal hair it’s far crucial to search for coloring products with non-peroxide and non-ammonia. That generally narrows it down quite fast. Hair coloring without those components is least destructive to the hair. If you are going from light to dark, protecting grays, or are going purple you might additionally strive henna. Natural henna powder may even work for darkening or reddening. You’ll have to experiment with which colours paintings best with the natural tones and highlights in your hair. Henna additionally provides the delivered benefit of conditioning and strengthening your hair.

For more element on any of those solutions, please visit my transitioning from secure to natural hair care

I am a creator and artist with a large spectrum of pursuits. I got my first hair straightener after I was 4 years vintage and determined to head herbal 30 years later in February 2008. The herbal hair journey has been thrilling, fun, hard and frustrating. I love sharing my non-public experience and recommendation with others who can be on the equal journey